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Asset Management Forum

Asset Management Forum

We endorse the growth of Japan's asset management sector and ​support individuals who strive to build robust assets.


Asset Management Forum Overview 

Under the Japanese government initiative toward a “new form of capitalism”, the government has been taking various measures to achieve a ​“virtuous cycle of growth and distribution” through an increased flow of Japan's household savings flow into productive investment.

In order to promote Japan as a leading asset management center, the Government of Japan has been working to reform the asset management ​sector and asset ownership, as well as to encourage new domestic and foreign entrants and promote competition in Japan’s asset management ​sector. In December 2023, the Government of Japan published the "Policy Plan for Promoting Japan as a Leading Asset Management Center. ”

It is important to continue dialogue with related parties in order to advance the measures to promote Japan as a leading asset management center ​and international financial center in line with the needs of related businesses and investors in Japan and abroad, and to disseminate information ​on the attractiveness of the Japanese market and policies.

To this end, the Asset Management Forum was launched in collaboration with related businesses and investors, mainly domestic and foreign asset ​management companies. Dialogue, discussion, etc. on reforming Japan's asset management sector, including finding and utilizing emerging asset ​management companies, promoting investment in diverse asset classes and sustainable finance, and increasing corporate value through ​investment.


List of Members


First Member

Japanese financial instruments business ​operators, related industry associations, and ​comparable organizations.

Second member

Institutional investors suggested by Forum ​members.

Membership details and inquiries

If you are a corporation, organization, or individual interested in applying for membership in the Asset Management Forum, please contact us at ​the provided address. We will supply you with the membership application form.

Membership details and ​inquiries

Contact: Asset Management Forum PMO


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